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Welcome to Springtime Nutrition, LLC, a virtual nutrition counseling practice promoting growth and change to meet personalized wellness goals! I’m Kari, the Registered Dietitian looking forward to supporting you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Today, On The Blog, we are going back to the basics to learn about virtual nutrition counseling services, what to expect from working with a Registered Dietitian and take a deeper dive into the nutrition counseling approach at Springtime Nutrition.

The days of scheduling appointments months in advance, spending hours in medical offices and even leaving home are long gone with virtual nutrition counseling services. Whether interested in preventative care, managing a new medical diagnosis or overcoming lifestyle struggles necessitated by a medical condition, nutrition counseling at Springtime Nutrition is for you!

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What is virtual nutrition counseling?

Virtual nutrition counseling is a convenient approach for you to meet with a nutrition professional from the comfort of your own space. As the nutrition field continues to adapt with technology advancements and patient preferences, Registered Dietitians are now able to offer telehealth services to their clients.

At Springtime Nutrition, virtual nutrition counseling sessions are offered that take into consideration your specific needs to create a program that is unique to you! I meet with clients virtually 1:1 using the confidential, HIPAA compliant platform Practice Better.

I am currently serving individuals in North & South Carolina and Florida.

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How does nutrition counseling work?

At Springtime Nutrition, I use a patient-led approach. I meet clients where they are at in their journey to create a personalized plan. We work together 1:1 either by phone or online/video chat to create actionable goals to transform into permanent results. I have seen incredible changes in patients’ lifestyles and health through my counseling method.

To get started, take the time to read about each of my session options. Need help determining the best session to meet your wellness goals? I recommend checking out the Discovery Call option below.

Education Session

An education session is a stand-along virtual appointment that is 45min-60min focused on a single nutrition-related topic. These sessions are recommended for individuals with a new diagnosis (or any diagnosis you feel you don’t fully understand) such as unusual labs, pre-diabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, food allergies or intolerances, fatty liver disease, etc.

Education session will empower you to take charge of your health, arm you with nutrition information and encourage you to set basic goals. These sessions are not meant for individuals looking for accountability or long-term lifestyle changes. Education sessions can be conducted by phone or online/video chat. Book Now.

Nutrition Counseling Session

For individuals looking for accountability and reaching long-term goals, reoccurring nutrition counseling sessions are for you! Prior to your first virtual session, I will review your medical history, diet/nutrition history and lab work. The initial session will focus on WHY you want to make changes for your health along with:

  • Establishing long- and short-term goal
  • Meal planning strategies
  • Food suggestions
  • Science -based nutrition educations
  • Setting up online resources

You will walk away from the first session with a personalized and sustainable plan to achieve your goals. After the initial meeting, we will follow up for:

  • Education, if needed
  • Refining previous goals and setting new goals
  • How to overcome struggles with diet or lifestyle- such as grocery shopping, meal planning, exercise.
  • Support and accountability

Follow-up support will vary depending on the program we create together during the initial session. Continual follow up helps to maintain progress and achieve long-term goals.

Discovery Call

If you are still wondering if nutrition counseling is for you or need further clarification on any aspect of my approach, book a Discovery Call! It is a FREE 10–15-minute video or audio call. We can get to know each other and see if we’d be the right fit to work together. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions regarding types of sessions, what happens at a dietitian appointment, counseling practices, or long-term personal goals. This is not a counseling or education session, simply a “get to know you” call. Book Now.

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Springtime Nutrition, LLC was founded on my passion to partner with individuals to eliminate the stress, frustration and overwhelm of changing their nutrition lifestyle. I am committed to supporting you at every step of your journey. Ready to transform your life? Get started today!

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Kari Garner- Springtime Nutrition


Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Kari has a passion for helping others and has a mission to help prevent and delay illness through diet and lifestyle changes. She lives in Summerville, SC and see patients virtually that live in North and South Carolina. For more about Kari, click here.

Kari is a licensed Registered Dietitian in North Carolina and South Carolina. She is nationally licensed with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Her diabetes speciality certification is with the Certification Board of Diabetes Care & Education. 

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