Low Carb Chips: 10 Dietitian Approved Options!

Living with diabetes often means making choices about the foods you eat to maintain stable blood sugar levels. As a registered dietitian, certified diabetes care & education specialist, and family member of people living with diabetes, I know the choice is not always easy! 

Finding tasty snacks that align with your expectations can be challenging from time to time, especially when cravings for something crunchy and satisfying strike! 

Enter low carb chips – a delicious solution that caters to your taste buds without compromising blood sugar goals. 

Get ready to explore a blog filled with the secrets to keep your snacking game strong and help you choose the best low carb chips for diabetes.

10 Low Carb Chips 

Chips low in carbohydrates offer a satisfying alternative if you are seeking a crunchy snack while trying to keep blood sugars stable. Low carb chips are typically made from ingredients such as cheese, gluten free flours or even vegetables like kale. 

Here are 10 products that I recommend trying if looking for the best low carb chips:

  1. Quest Protein Chips 
  2. Popcorners
  3. Whisps
  4. Hilo Life 
  5. Epic Pork Rinds 
  6. Nut-Thins
  7. Hippeas Tortilla Chips
  8. Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips
  9. ParmCrisps
  10. BeyondChipz

I do not endorse any specific brand of chip mentioned in this blog, the information presented is intended for informational purposes only.

How Many Carbs in Chips?

As you may expect, the carbs in chip brands will vary. Traditional chips such as potato chips contain around 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving while tortilla chips have a similar carb count for roughly 12 chips. 

With the lowest carb option being Whisps or ParmCrisps containing as little as 1-2 grams of carbs per serving, you will find the other products listed above offer flavor, the desired crunch and a nutrition label that meets expectations. 

These chips often contain higher amounts of protein and fiber, both of which contribute to slower digestion and a gradual release of glucose from the bloodstream. 

The best way to determine the amount of carbs in chips is to verify the serving size and carbohydrate content by checking the nutritional labels on individual products.

What To Look For When Shopping for Low Carb Chips

Standing in the chip aisle at the grocery store can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel like there is a new chip brand every time you visit the store!

While you will always want to look at the nutrition and ingredient labels when shopping for a low carb chip alternative, here are a few other things to look for:

  • Flavor: There are many different flavors of low carb chips. From nacho cheese to cinnamon sugar and everything in between, always select a flavor that sounds appetizing. 
  • Baked vs Fried: Choose chips prepared using heart healthy methods, such as baking instead of frying. Baked chips or those that have been air-popped typically contain less fat and fewer calories, making them a heart-healthier choice. 
  • Sodium content: Take a peek at the sodium content in chips to prevent eating excess. A chip is considered to be low sodium when it contains 140 mg or less of sodium per serving. 
  • Price point: Consider the cost and availability of the brands. Some products can be pricey or difficult to find depending on where you live. Making homemade chips such as kale chips can be an affordable option too. If you enjoy making homemade snacks, be sure to check out Balanced Snacks + 20 Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Sugar alcohols: Ingredients such as sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol and erythritol can be added to products marketed as low carb for flavor. Especially sweetened chip alternatives! It is best to stick with 1 gram per tablespoon or less to avoid digestive issues from these additives. 

Interested in shopping tips when choosing bread for diabetes? My blog Highest Fiber Breads: 10 Delicious Options was created just for you!

Do You Have To Eat Low Carb Chips with Diabetes?

There is no rule that you have to skip over traditional chips and solely eat low carb chips when managing diabetes. 

However, monitoring carbohydrate intake is a crucial step in controlling blood sugar levels. If you are struggling to keep glucose levels stable when indulging in chips, then it may be best to consider a smaller portion size or swapping to a lower carb option. 

The best approach to eating chips with diabetes is to monitor your blood sugars by checking before eating and 1-2 hours after eating chips. This data can provide valuable insight and help guide you to make the best choice for your health. 

Tips for Eating Chips with Diabetes 

Whether you choose traditional favorites or opt for chips with low carbs, here are some tips to keep at top of mind when snacking with diabetes. 

Avoid eating chips from the bag. Instead, portion into a bowl or purchase the individual sized bag of chips. 

Be mindful when snacking. Savor each bite and consider eating in an environment that promotes mindfulness (not in front of the tv!). 

Pair with protein. If you find your blood sugars remain elevated regardless of the chip you choose, consider adding protein, fiber and/or healthy fats alongside your chips. From dipping into guacamole, pairing with fresh Pico de Gallo or finding a creamy chip dip, there are numerous ways to create a balanced snack for blood sugars. 

More Low Carb Snacks 

For those seeking more low carb snacks beyond chips, consider nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables, cheese sticks, hummus, hard-boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt. The list keeps going as you do not have to feel limited when snacking with diabetes. 

Check out these ideas that offer both flavor and a boost of nutrition!

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